29 March 2010


  1. Hello Carolyn!
    I highly admire your work in poetics and social practice for everyone. So glad I came here, you're a wonderful person. It isn't an easy task.. My daughter Diana works with children at risk in Argentine Patagonia. She runs creative workshops (kites & puppets) because the street children have special needs, they can't learn in the traditional fashion because they've been terribly abused and undernourished. In our rich country, it's disgraceful.
    Recently I watched her with the kids and it was a highly emotional experience to see her dedication and how the children begin to trust and then love her...
    Myself, I'm a protest poet - I add my voice to help stop humanity from ravaging our beautiful planet. I also write about other things, in Spanish & English. Only one publication so far, but the second is on the way...hopefully.
    Best of luck!

  2. Awesome blog, love the creative thoughts..